Anoxia (Nox) is a Seattle-based rope artist, performer, and educator.

A passionate and obsessive student, they have studied with and are influenced by many other shibari educators and performers from Europe, North America, and Japan. Nox loves to deconstruct and synthesize knowledge from an abundance of sources, striving always for a more complete understanding of the interactions of rope, anatomy, psychology, and aesthetics.

In their local community, Nox also teaches with Full Circle Kink and is a frequent contributor to Seattle’s growing femme-led rope spaces. In their rope practice and education, they emphasize the partnership between top and bottom, and the importance of risk-assessment and knowledge of anatomy and physiology for both members of a tying pair.


In play, Nox ties as a form of connection, expression, and spirituality. Anoxia relishes the obscene and absurd.

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